Choosing The Right Roofing Materials For Your Reroof

Reroofing, repairs and a roof replacement might sound similar but are different things. A reroof means installing new shingles on the existing ones. Unlike a roof replacement, a reroof is faster and less expensive. This is because the roof structure remains the same. However, this method can only be conducted once. Therefore, if your home only needs a reroof, this is a great option to consider. But how do you know what roofing materials are best, and should you consider replacing more than one part of your roof? 

Reroof & Reroofing Services

If you’re considering a reroof, there are other areas of your home that might need replacing too. This includes the soffit and fascia boards, gutters, and even siding. Your roof connects to many other structures that all need to be in good health to work properly. Your home might have extensive environmental damage such as from wind or hail. If this is the case, having a trusted roofer get the job done at once will save the future hassle. Keep reading for your crash course on roofing materials that best fit Alberta’s climate.

Best Roofing Materials For Your Reroof

First, let’s go over popular roofing materials in Alberta, and why some materials might be better for your house than others. We’ll be outlining all you need to know about shingles, solar panels, concrete, and metal roofs.


Roofing materials come in an array of different colours. The most common roofing material for homes is asphalt shingles. They are durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensive. Shingles also come in a wide variety of colours allowing for customization of your roof colour. But have you ever considered how the colour of shingles can affect your energy bill?

Energy-efficient Shingles 

Choosing a bold new colour can be fun but might not function the way you first imagined. Take into consideration how the colour of your roof can affect your heating or cooling bill. Lighter shingles reflect light, while darker ones will absorb it. Black or dark shingles absorb more heat, which can lower heating costs during the winter. Because of Alberta’s colder climate, dark asphalt shingles are quite common and popular.  

However, a light-coloured roof will help reduce your summer air-conditioning costs. In addition, composite shingles can reflect light better than asphalt shingles. After you reroof, you likely won’t be replacing your roof for quite some time. With that said, take some time to think about the colour that fits your priorities. A professional roofing company can also help advise you on the best choice of shingles for your home.

Solar Panels In Calgary

If you want to maximize energy efficiency from your roofing material, solar panels will do the job. After the reroof, you can have solar panels installed on top. Even a few panels can help lower your overall energy bill. The upfront cost will be more expensive, but you’ll save money in the long run. Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada, so why not take advantage of our sunny climate by making an eco-friendly choice that will help you save money in the long run?

Concrete Roof

Concrete tiles are another popular roofing material used for Alberta homes. As you might imagine, concrete tiles are extremely durable. They can sustain all sorts of weather and with the turbulent weather Calgary gets, this is definitely a plus. Considering the durability of concrete tiles, they are wind, hail, and fire-resistant. 

Concrete tiles also come in a variety of colours and can imitate different styles. This includes stone, slate, and wood shakes. They can be a more inexpensive and durable option while still maintaining the look you want for your home.

Metal Roof

Lastly, another common roofing material is metal. While you might find this style of roof on commercial buildings, there are many benefits for homeowners as well. Like a concrete roof, metal is durable and made to last with an average lifespan of over 40 years. 

Secondly, they are low maintenance. During the winter, the snow will slide right off. This helps prevent ice dams or other moisture issues. This roofing material is also energy efficient because of its reflective ability. Metal deflects heat, which lowers cooling costs. A roofing company can help you decide if a metal roof in Calgary is the right choice for your home.

Choosing The Right Soffit Material

Roofing materials also include the soffit. The soffit protects rafters from the elements, and you can find it underneath the roof’s overhang. When you look up, you’ll see either solid or vented soffit run along where your roof meets the siding. Soffit typically comes in steel, vinyl, aluminum, UPVC, or fibre cement. Your roofing contractor can help you pick the right soffit material for your budget and home.

You can find out if your soffit needs replacing by taking a walk around your home to inspect for any visual damage to the soffit. This includes any parts that are cracked or show signs of water buildup or damage. Take note of what you find and let your roofer know. They can repair or replace this as well. For more in-depth information on the soffit and different materials, check out this article.

Best Fascia Material For Your House 

You can find the fascia board above the soffit. Take a look at your gutters. Notice the board facing outward? That’s the fascia. While the soffit protects the rafters, the fascia protects the soffit and gutters. 

Common types of fascia are aluminum, vinyl, and fibre cement. Because the boards are exposed, they are more susceptible to environmental damage. Therefore, you will want to maintain them more regularly. This includes cleaning and checking for damage. When you inspect your soffit, be sure to also take a look at the fascia. Cracks, chips, missing boards, and sagging are all warning signs. Don’t ignore them and have them replaced before the damage gets worse. If you don’t need to replace all of your fascia, your roofing company can potentially help you find a match to your current fascia.

Upgrading Your Gutters

The average lifespan of steel gutters is approximately 20 years. When getting a reroof, consider changing out the gutters as well. They might be misaligned or damaged, which can cause many problems. For example, damaged gutters can cause water pooling on the roof, which leads to a roof leak. If you’re investing in your roof, you will want the surrounding structures to also work properly. 

Common types of gutters include those made from steel, aluminum, vinyl, or copper. Gutters also come in different colours, styles, and shapes. Gutters can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes for your home. We recommend cleaning them at least once a year. However, there are low maintenance options available as well. Some have screen guards or fine mesh on the top part of the gutter to prevent large debris from entering. Ask your roofer about the options available to you. 

So How Do You Pick Roofing Materials?

To sum it up, reroofing doesn’t only mean having your roof done. Make sure you consider the fascia, soffit, and gutters when working with a roofer. They can help get multiple tasks out of the way in one go. This way, you can comfortably go ahead with your reroofing while also knowing the surrounding structures are working as they should. 

Roofing materials for each play a key role in decision-making as well. Remember to think about longevity, aesthetics, function, and price-point when choosing. A reputable roofer understands Alberta’s climate best and can help you throughout the process.