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Since taking on our first project in 2003, we can proudly say we have completed around 8,000 roofing jobs in Calgary. All of our roofing contractors are Haag Engineering Certified for residential and commercial inspections. This gives us the expertise and training to inspect your roof and figure out the best solution for any problems that arise.

Asphalt Shingles

Top Rated Asphalt Roofing in Calgary

There are a few reasons behind why we prefer asphalt roof systems. For years it was one of the only systems our Calgary roofing company would install. This was because by specializing in one service we were able to excel at it. Since starting National Star Roofing Specialists in 2003, we’ve gotten the installation process down. Our expertise allows us to get a job done efficiently and reliably.

We use asphalt shingles because we strongly believe they are superior as a roofing system. One reason we feel that way is because of the durability asphalt roof tiles provide. The system is hermetically water-proofed, preventing any seepage from leading to water damage.

Asphalt shingles are also made of a light-weight material, which leads to less load on the roof structure, ensuring the structural integrity stays intact over time. There are different kinds of asphalt shingles and applications that can be used to ensure your residential roofing system stands the test of time. Asphalt shingles are a cost-effective option that provide quality protection for your home, without burning a hole in your wallet!

At National Star, we offer a standard roof package and will work with our clients to combine different products to create a roofing solution that best fits each client’s individual needs and wants. We can discuss better options for wind and hail product applications, as well as various ice-damming and condensation applications.

Flat Roofing Calgary

Top Rated Asphalt Roofing in Calgary

When you’re looking to have a new flat roof installed, or have repairs made to your existing residential flat roof in Calgary, National Star has been the team to count on since 2003. Our roofing contractors always use the best materials for the job and take the time to make sure everything is completed to the highest standards.

Just like any roof, there isn’t one system that’s the perfect fit for all flat roofs, also known as a low slope roof.  EDPM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a rubber roofing system that is preferred by many Canadian roofing companies for its durability and cost effectiveness. EPDM is made of a versatile rubber membrane made to withstand the elements, including hail and other inclement weather we often see in Calgary.

Modern residential flat roof systems typically have a continuous membrane covering, which allow it to better resist standing water. Other options include modified bitumen (asphalt) or built up roof materials (BUR). Send us a message today to find out more about our flat roofing services.

Other Roofing Services

Other materials and services we offer

Over time your roof will stop looking its best. When it does, you’ll have to decide if you need a full roof replacement or a roof repair.

In Calgary, we’re prone to hail in the summer months. With the wrong kind of roofing system in place hail can quickly ruin shingles, leading to damage on the membrane and eventually impacting the vapor seal which is essentially the last line of defense before you start to see the effects in your home.

Before it gets to that point though, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for. If you’re concerned about hail damage look for signs of cracking or granules missing from the asphalt shingles. With Chinooks come high winds, if you’re worried a broken tree branch may have hit your roof on the way down, look for missing or misshapen shingles.

Fixing a problem now can save you from damage down the road, which is why all of our roofing contractors are Haag Certified. National Star can provide a full inspection, make you aware of any damage to your system and provide a full roof repair in an efficient and timely manner.

It’s inevitable that you will need a roof replacement at some point while owning your home. When the time comes, you want a company that can deliver the highest quality materials and workmanship. We believe in educating homeowners, which is why we always take the time to walk through the process and explain what we’re doing.

Replacing your roof is an important step in protecting your investment. Our contractors are Haag Certified and can inspect your roof first, to help you determine if it’s time to repair it or replace it. By holding off, you could end up paying more in collateral costs from interior damage to your home or any concealed deterioration of the roofing structure.

A replacement, also known as reroofing, is when we strip the roof down to the frame and start fresh. Fortunately, with regular maintenance, a full roof replacement isn’t something you’ll have to deal with on a regular basis. Providing it was also installed properly in the first place. A roof replacement cost can vary based on materials and the scope of work, which is why it’s always best to call and get an estimate ahead of time.

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Top Rated Asphalt Roofing in Calgary

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Top Rated Asphalt Roofing in Calgary