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All of the roof work is done exclusively by our skilled family members. With over 8,000 roofing jobs accomplished since 2003, we are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. Our testament to being reliable roofers has been validated by having consistently recognized by Home Stars since 2013.

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Family Run Company

Building roofs for Calgarians since 2003

We don't believe in sub-contracting! All of our roofing is done by our family members.

Our company’s backbone & secret

National Star Roofing Specialists has been serving the Calgary area since 2003. While our top priority is producing high-quality roof builds and restorations, our backbone and the secret to being successful are rooted in the company’s commitment and passion to our roofing customers. As a family-run Calgary roofing contractor, we are proud of the trust and confidence our clients have given us over the years. Roofing installation and repairs are major tasks for which you require a reliable and professional roof repair and maintenance contractor. National Star Roofing Specialists offers – warrantied products, excellent roofing services, and detailed customer service.
Calgary's leading Reroofing Company

Why & When you need to Re-roof

Calgary’s climates often mean that your roof is subject to faster wear-and-tear. When the temperature drops to less than zero, you would not want to just find out that you badly need a reliable roofing contractor to come in for a check.

What’s involved when roofing

Reroofing involves applying new shingles over the existing ones. Because the roof will not be taken to the frame, the work generally goes faster and at a reduced cost of a replacement. It’s important for the longevity of your new roof, that the shingle installers (roofers) are HAAG certified.

Re-roof VS Roof replacement

If your home has never been reroofed, it’s potentially a viable option. However, reroofing can only be done once. If it has been done in the past, you will be looking at a roof replacement.

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Top Rated Asphalt Roofing in Calgary

Getting an asphalt shingled roof: features & benefits

  • Versatile. Asphalt roof shingles come in an extensive range of colours and styles.
  • Minimal Maintenance. Little to no roof maintenance is required if installed correctly.
  • Waterproof. Asphalt is well known for its waterproofing capabilities. Affordable to install.
  • Affordable to install. Low material costs make asphalt shingles relatively affordable to install. However, if done incorrectly, the costs can quickly rise. So, it’s important to get an experienced contractor to protect your bottom line.
  • Durable, yet flexible. Asphalt shingles are one of the most sustainable solutions in the residential roofing market. It can withstand the extreme weather temperatures swings we often experience in southern Alberta.
view on a asphalt roof located on 76 Heritage Lake, Calgary

Types of shingles suitable for the windy area in Calgary

Trudefinition Duration shingles with the SureNail technology (40 Year Warranty, 130 mph wind)
Trudefinition Duration STORM shingles with WeatherGuard technology (50-year Warranty, 130 mph, Class 4 impact resistant)
Malarkey Legacy (50-year warranty, 110 mph)
IKO Cambridge (30-year warranty, 110 mph)


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Residential Roofing

A residential roof installation or repair can be costly, which is why you want to make sure it’s done right the first time.

Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is extremely costly, so leave it to the professionals. National Star Roofing will replace your roof today.

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Soffit & Fascia

We handle professional soffit and fascia installations and repairs in the Calgary area.

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Roofing Solutions for any size or shape

No two roofs are the same. We have a complete range of commercial and residential roofing services in Calgary and nearby areas.

With our extensive experience in Calgary roofing, you’re sure to find the best solution to your roofing needs. Our services also extend to soffit and fascia repair, asphalt systems, and exterior services – all for great value for your money.

Each member of our family-run roofing company is committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure our clients that they have chosen to work with the best roofer in Calgary. Our team of roofing experts are trained and experienced to deal with the diverse weather conditions of the area, taking measures to oversee in detail the roofing services you need. Contact us today to get a free estimate or schedule an inspection of your roof.

At National Star Roofing Inc, we recognize that having sound roofing is very important. With this in mind, we provide financing options for large roofing project needs. You have a budget – we have a payment plan to match it! This is part of our commitment to our customers by making the best roofing services in Calgary available and affordable.

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Premium roofing products

We don't compromise with the products we use, no matter the price.


You have a budget – we have a payment plan to match it!

Journeymen roofers

Family run company that doesn't believe in sub-contracting.

On-time deliverables

We work inline with your schedule to do the estimates, and work.

Free estimates

National Star Roofing is just a call away. We come on-site for free.


We care for our reputation. We stand behind our work and take pride.

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