Exterior Renovations

National Star Roofing Specialists is Calgary’s top roofing company. In addition to our roofing services, we also provide repair, installation, and replacement on the full scope of exterior applications. Roofing, soffit, and fascia go hand in hand. Each component works with the other to protect your home from the elements.

Soffit & Fascia

Installation, Repair & Replacement

What is Soffit?

Soffit is essentially the skin that covers your rafters. Vented soffit provides air circulation to your attic. The ventilation prevents moisture buildup and mould from forming. When standing under a home, look up. It is the material you see on the underside of the roof overhang.

Many Calgary homes have either vented soffit or solid soffit. Both work well in protecting your home, though solid soffit does require proper ventilation points to help your home ‘breathe.’

What Is Fascia?

Fascia board runs along the soffit, where your gutters are attached. It protects the area between the soffit and the roof from the elements. Both soffit and fascia are available in several material options and colours. Fibre cement, wood, vinyl, and aluminum are the most common.

At National Star Roofing Specialists, we offer soffit and fascia installation, repair, and replacement to the Calgary area. All work begins with an at-home assessment. Once the level of work is determined, we will provide you with a free estimate for the scope of work. Our in-house crew of residential contractors will then come in to complete all of the work required.


Installation, Repair & Replacement

While siding does have a long lifespan when installed correctly, chances are at some point you will need to consider repairing or replacing it. Siding not only protects your home from the elements, but it can also provide curb appeal and lower your heating costs.  

Reasons to replace your siding:

  • You want to refresh the look of your home
  • It needs to be painted frequently
  • Your siding is rotting or warping 
  • The siding is cracked or loose
  • It has mould or mildew 
  • The siding is bubbling or has holes in it 

Metal Siding

As a homeowner, replacing any part of the protective layer (exterior) of your house comes with several choices. With siding, the two more traditional options are metal or vinyl. 

Metal siding is gaining in popularity as a home cladding option. Its longevity, durability and the fact it is low maintenance make it a common choice. 

Aluminum siding doesn’t absorb moisture, which can promote the growth of mould and fungus. This, in turn, better protects your home’s framing from potential rot. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has remained a go-to choice for Calgary homeowners for a reason. It is affordable, recyclable, and durable. Like metal siding, vinyl is also low maintenance. A garden hose, water, and mild soap are all you need to keep it clean. Vinyl siding also comes in several textures and colours to create the exact look you hope to achieve for your home. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to replace your siding, National Star Roofing Specialists can help. As with any project we undertake, the first step begins with an assessment. From there, using our expertise as a Calgary roofing and siding contractor, we will provide you with an accurate cost estimate. Proper installation is the best way to protect your home from the elements. At National Star, our experience and skill working on the building envelope of a house put us ahead of our competitors. 

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